Church Photo Directory

Church Photo Directory is Coming!

It’s a good time to see everyone again in our 2022 Church Photo Directory. Photos of family units of any size and shape are welcome to be part of the new directory!

Single people, couples, extended families, and traditional families are all invited to get a picture taken 

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the dates for the photos?

Photos will be taken October 11-15 and October 18-22. Times are varied depending on the day, but we try to accommodate everyone!

Where are the photos taken?

Photos will be taken in our Chapel here on Wright Street. There is an option to send in a portrait if you’re not able to have your photo taken, but still want to be part of the directory.

How do I sign up for time for my photo to be taken?

You can always sign up online (see instructions below), and we will have sign-ups available after worship on various weeks throughout the sign-up period.

(Note: groups of 6 or more people are asked to sign-up for 2 time slots in a row.)

What are those instructions for Signing up online?

  1. Go to the website of Universal Church Directories
  2. Click on the “Photography Appointment Scheduling Login”
  3. Enter First Lutheran Church CODE: NE168
  4. Enter password: photos
  5. Choose a date, choose a time, and enter the required information
  6. Click the Schedule Appointment button
  7. You’re all set! Thank you for being part of our Church Photo Directory

We want to get 350 photos at least for this new directory. This will be a good way to connect with each other again after the past couple of years of COVID-19-induced separation.

Thank you for considering to be part of the directory and part of our congregation.

Mission, Evangelism, and Fellowship Committee